Remember when Apple introduced the second iPhone and if you still had the old iPhone? You hung your head in embarrassment when holding it next to your friend's beautiful new phone. Hang on to that for a sec.

4K is being seen by users in an array of different arenas which means the user now EXPECTS that sharper, higher quality image everywhere. If you are not currently using those 4K screens or have a plan in place to start rolling them out you might want to think about it. I read an article by Sound and Communications, "When standing only an arm’s length away while touching and interacting with a large-format display, the historical 1080p full HD approach is no longer acceptable, and 4K is almost already the de facto standard."

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Also interesting: harken back to March of 2013 when the buzz was "3K is coming!"  It was expected to be in all areas of our screen life meaning that the user standard was about to be dramatically changed.   Jump to the 4K conversation in March of 2014 and the projection was that 4K would catch on with the public via televisions MUCH faster than HD had.  You can see a graph here that Business Insider posted during that time projecting in home 4K screen usage in the United States:



Why does that matter?  Because the screens people get used to in their home changes the way they perceive all other screens.  Just like comparing a new iPhone to an old one they will unconsciously compare screens out in the world as well.


CyberTouch is no different.  With the advent of this tech step forward we're launching a 4K product that will change the way you think about interactive touch screens.  I can't tell you about it right now, but October will be exciting.  Stay tuned…