Established in 1991, the National Civil Rights Museum is located at the former Lorraine Motel, where civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Through interactive exhibits, historic collections, dynamic speakers and special events, the museum offers visitors a chance to walk through history and learn more about a tumultuous and inspiring period of change. CyberTouch was approached by Electrosonic to design and manufacture three multi-user tables as well as several interactive touch walls. CyberTouch’s design team engineered two Terra multitouch tables utilizing 4 – 55” Christie LCD displays in portrait modes as well as one Terra with 4 Christie 55” LCD displays in portrait mode along with CyberTouch’s advanced IR with 32 simultaneous touch points. These tables invite users to approach the tables from all sides and interact with content by Cortina Productions and Second Story Interactive. These tables allow visitors take a stand on various issues and explore how these issues are still relevant today. Six topics are presented for exploration: Nonviolence, Women’s Rights, War, Riots, Poverty, and Integration. The Invidia Walls the CyberTouch designed are all in Portrait mode and utilize Christie displays. One Invidia has a fourth panel open for rear-projection images to be displayed. These walls are used in the mapping desegregation exhibit that examines the landmark Supreme Court decision, the long legal battle and the slow pace of desegregation in public education across the country. Features a multi-touch interactive “mapping desegregation” that explores how desegregation unfolded in states all over the country. Visitors learn about events in their home states. Invidia_3x1_Civil_Rights_Museum.JPG