SUPERBOWL 2015 Patriots fans across the nation are prepping their favorite jerseys and Seahawks fans everywhere are prepping their…hawks?

After taking a poll of 10s of people it seems that if you’re NOT a Pats or Hawks fan this Super Bowl is about the lesser of two evils. HOWEVER. If you ARE a fan you’re already readying your nacho recipe and making sure that your TV is at the perfect angle so there’s no glare for the entire afternoon.

Katy Perry fans are also excited but seem to know very little about football.

My favorite moment leading up to Super Bowl 49 thus far: Marshawn Lynch’s “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Whether you agree with his actions or not you have to admit this is really funny.


We have our own investments in Football beyond #whosgonnawin. There are CyberTouch designs at Lucas Oil Stadium and The College Football Hall of Fame. Being part of incredible museums and life-changing medical facilities is life affirming. Having products in a football stadium? STRAIGHT COOL.

Here’s a peek at the touch screens at Lucas Oil Stadium.



And here’s a peek at the College Football Hall of Fame. Stoked yet?

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