Imagine T-Rex trying to use a touch screen. It’s a real problem.


Thankfully the guards are really do a commendable job of keeping the CyberTouch interactive touch screens available for humans only at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.


And it’s a good thing because every year thousands of people visit the Dinosaur Hall to experience these prehistoric beauties. You can explore more dinosaurs than you even knew had been discovered in the 14,000 square foot exhibit thanks to advanced audio-visual technologies. Kids and grown-ups pretending to be kids have the opportunity to play a dinosaur excavation game on a custom CyberTouch multitouch table that shows the complete process of archaeology.


CyberTouch was genuinely excited to be part of this educational project. The creation of a custom 65” multitouch table that can handle up to 32 fingers learning and exploring via its interactive surface was the highlight of the process. The challenge? Making sure that just in case all 32 of those fingers belonged to small (yet mighty) children it could withstand the abuse. Specialty glass was designed to protect the kids and the table from banging, spilling, and even biting because this is a dinosaur hall after all.


Being part of education is an awesome opportunity and CyberTouch is stoked to be involved; so if you go to the museum think of us while playing with the dinosaurs. And remember that T-Rex’s arms just aren't long enough to use the touch table so you’re safe.