This is the second installment in the “CyberTouch in Real Life” series. Read the first one here.


This is a truly one-of-a-kind touch screen created by CyberTouch founder and master inventor, Abraham. His friend Sam made a joke about how he could use a CyberTouch screen to showcase his family photos and Abraham is just not the kind of man to joke about something like that. Next thing he knew, Sam was the owner of a custom touch screen with one-of-a-kind photo display software.


Sam and his wife have thousands of family photos – as many of us do. Where are all your family photos stored right now? On a hard drive? A removable drive? Facbeook? Do you share those images with people in real life? Do you wish you could share those images and enjoy the memories?  With the software and the gorgeous screen you can easily share them in an extra fun interactive way.  Grab a photo with you fingers and it automatically expands. Now open the tool bar, get the marker, and draw a mustache on your sister. It’s like playing with an iPad on steroids. And that’s where the comparison ends.

Also. It runs on Windows so you can play with all your Windows apps.


UNLIKE the iPad, or any other touch device on the market, you can have multiple users touching the screen at the same time and the software doesn’t even blink. That’s why it’s called “multitouch”. In fact there is capacity for 32 fingers to be manipulating the screen all at once. I thought about all the ways they could use it in their house – hang it on the way, put it in a table…so many ideas.


And do I even have to mention that the quality of the display is gorgeous? I think that’s what’s most impressive when playing with the images on the screen. The display is crisp and clear on these images like you won’t believe. We really just can’t share the image quality in a picture. You try it. It’s really hard, guys. For a better representation you can check out the vids on our YouTube though.