CyberTouch’s Invidia MultiTouch video wall is comprised of four 55” 1080p HD monitors arranged in a 2x2 array. The MultiTouch monitors use advanced infrared (IR) technology to recognize up to 32 simultaneous touches on the display surface. This touch screen functionality allows multiple users to interact directly with the video wall to select options, create content, manipulate images and/or add annotations to displayed sources.

Up to eight input sources can be routed through the MediaWall processor for interactive display on the video wall. The MediaWall’s parallel processing allows all input signals, including video, to be displayed and interacted with in real-time. The image manipulation flexibility of the MediaWall processor allows multiple users to select, swipe, resize, move, zoom, pinch and squeeze content with ease on the MultiTouch video wall.

The MediaWall and Invidia MultiTouch system is simple to set-up and configure, and is virtually plug-and-play. After setting up and securing the video wall monitors, users simply plug the video output of each computer into the MediaWall processor using separate DVI cables. Each of the MediaWall’s four outputs is then plugged into one monitor of the video wall. This connection method eliminates the need to daisy-chain signals in the monitors; as a result, the processor’s outputs are displayed at full 1080p resolution without pixilation, loss of clarity or image distortion. 

As shown in CyberTouch’s demonstration video, RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall control app for touch screen devices (phones, tablets, etc.) makes it easy to control the video wall system as well as select specific sources for processing and display. The system is able to switch between sources quickly and easily, and operators can also use other Android or IOS devices to remotely select content for viewing and display configurations.

According to Abraham Gohari, Head engineer, “CyberTouch was impressed with the responsive capabilities of RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall processor, particularly its ease of set-up, reliability and broad functionality for multi-source video wall applications. CyberTouch adds a dynamic and interactive presentation canvas that can be manipulated by one or more users. The MediaWall processor combined with a MultiTouch video wall results in a unique touch-screen display processing system that offer users outstanding features and functionality.”

To view CyberTouch’s full demonstration video, please click on the following link:

About CyberTouch

CyberTouch manufactures custom and integrated touch screen displays for walls, tables, and kiosks.  CyberTouch designs turnkey displays from 1” to 40 feet using both resistive single-touch and advanced infrared multitouch technology.  CyberTouch manufactures interactive video walls up to 40’, add-on touch frames and multitouch and single-touch tables.  Products are available in desktop, wall-mount and open-frame configurations.  Ideal for use in Corporate, Higher ED, Government, Courtrooms, Medical, Museum/Theme Parks, Gaming, and Hospitality environments.


About RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum provides innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals. Since its founding in 1987, RGB Spectrum has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video/graphics processors and decision support systems. Company offerings include multiviewers, video wall processors, matrix switchers, codecs, recorders, and integrated solutions for control room management. RGB Spectrum's products are preferred by major global organizations in industrial, security, medical, educational, commercial and military markets. RGB Spectrum is a privately held company based in Alameda, California. For more information about our products, please call 510-814-7000 or visit us online at