We thought we'd take a break from our regularly scheduled tech news to share our own personal human interest story with you. CyberTouch has some truly amazing employees. One of whom I would love to introduce you to today! Janet is a sweet lady with a big heart and by the time you're finished with this blog you'll see why...

"My name is Janet Smith and I am the Bookkeeper at CyberTouch and have been with the company for a little over a year and a half."

Now, Janet loves dogs. I mean LOVES. So much so that she is a foster mom for dogs!

"I have been a foster for Shelter Hope Pet Shop for a couple of years now. My daughter loves animals and we found this place at the Janss mall and looked at the dogs. We found out that they are always in need of Foster Families so we asked if we could help. We filled out an application and started Fostering that day."

It's a family affair, too: " It is close by and we knew some other people who helped out there. When my daughter has time she volunteers there. She sits with the dogs and walks them."

This Shelter is AMAZING. Here's a little bit about them:

We are a non-profit volunteer-based pet shop that showcases shelter animals available for in-store adoption. We find homes for the many shelter and rescue animals in need, and sales of merchandise in our pet shops goes directly back to help save more animals. Shelter Hope Pet Shop is a volunteer-run nonprofit. We rely on the community for assistance, donations and volunteers.

Our Mission: Shelter Hope Pet Shop is a 501c non-profit, charitable, volunteer-based organization devoted to: aiding in and facilitating shelter and rescue pet adoptions; promoting education and awareness within the communities we serve; and making a positive impact in the lives of shelter and rescue animals and their adopters, as well as local shelters. Shelter Hope Pet Shop is the premier source for adoptable dogs within the community. We help save the lives of hundreds of dogs each year. By doing so, we will also have a positive impact with helping to decrease the number of potential unhealthy puppy mill puppies purchased from for-profit and inhumane businesses. Shelter Hope Pet Shop is part of the Shelter Hope Project, which strives to make this the business model for all pet shops nationwide. We hope to abolish all puppy mill pet shops, help find homes for the countless pets in our shelters that face euthanasia, and educate the public on how we can all help reduce future shelter population.

Email: info@shelterhopepetshop.org


"I have had as many as 5 puppies at one time. This is not really the norm usually you would just foster one dog at a time. I have a hard time saying “no” Also some have been siblings so its nice to keep them together."

And this really helps the dogs to find a home! "This is one reason I have been happy with this shelter. They actually find homes for the dogs. Almost all of the dogs I have foster have been adopted within a few weeks. We adopted the first dog we fostered!! They have a running count on their website of total dogs that have found homes."

"It's not hard to be a foster home. I filled out an application and turned it in. We currently own three dogs, so other than feeding it’s not that much harder to add a few more."


What does Janet hope to see more of?  Help for the shelter!! "Check out their website. www.shelterhopepetshop.org They are always looking for donations and they have a list of things they could use. You can also volunteer or become a foster family!"

Thank you to Janet for her work with us and for her open heart.


I'm just going to leave a few pictures here for you.  If you happen to click through and then adopt one...so be it.


This is Dolce...



This is Georgia...



This is Fancy...


This is Harvey...