Meet the CyberTouch mascot, Louie.

Louie enjoys a good belly rub, treats, and touch screens. He is a discerning French Bulldog who keeps up with the latest in technology. He’s picky about the devices he uses and really prefers a screen large enough to stand on if possible. Hand held devices are not his favorite, but he understands why the general public loves them. (Try not to mention the thumb thing, he’s touchy about the term “dog”.)


You can see Louie here giving his nod of approval to a wall mounted touch screen.


He is not frequently in the CyberTouch offices because of his demanding schedule, but when he is it IS a party. Everyone always happy to see his face come around the corner or hear his little snores coming from under a desk.

Louie would like for everyone to know that he recommends checking out the new touch screen technology that CyberTouch will be release in the coming year. He’s particularly stoked on the exclusive new screen and hopes you’ll stand up and beg* for it.


*Louie wants me to add that he in no way endorses or approves of this dog pun.