NAB Show 2015


If you learn one thing about the National Association of Broadcasters show it’s that they don’t hold back. We are talking about broadcasting after all. They’ve got everything dialed in. There's even an app.

April 11th-16th you’ll find these larger than life companies and personalities in Las Vegas at 5 different venues, including but not limited to Wynn and Encore.


We’re pretty bummed that we won’t be there physically but we’ll be there in spirit! And actually, we’ll have a digital ambassador there as well.  You can find CyberTouch screens at the Broadcast Pix booth. Check these guys out here.



Going into a broadcast control center is an AV playground. They want and need the best of the best in AV technology at their finger tips (literally!) which is why CyberTouch screens make an appearance in several of these control rooms across the country. For example:

The Universal Studios in Orlando implemented the Orion technology in their sound mixing room.

You can also find us at at New York’s Pix11 (WTUR).  They’re using a 84” 4K Rio in their control room!



Are you going to #NABshow2015?! Tweet us if you are and we’ll add you to our NABshow list because we want to keep up with what’s happening.  "See" you there!