CyberTouch: More than “just” a Touch Screen.

There’s a new product coming next month from CyberTouch coming that will change your expectations about touch screens forever.

When we enter the workshop our goal is to remove the touch screen as much as possible. Sounds crazy? Remove the physical distractions so the content envelopes you. It’s a powerful to be lost yourself in an experience. That is when great things happen.

Zero distractions: crystal clear images and consistent response.

World changing ideas, profound learning, life saving procedures, and mind boggling scientific advancements are facilitated by uninterrupted focus. This is what motivates us to reinvent the touch screen experience and allow you to implement technology that will shape the future.



CyberTouch offers this seamless touch screen experience in every size, shape, mount, and application you can dream of. Whether customized from the ground up or ready-to-go turn key installation we’ve got the right set up. Simply tell us your project and we’ll help you with the perfect idea.