Meet the newest (and most intimidating) member of the CyberTouch RIO line. 98" of 4K ready to be used anywhere you can imagine. Since we all know that 4K is the thing let's talk about what we're doing about it.

CyberTouch, who already offers an impressive line up of 4K monitor options, brings you the newest addition: The RIO 98 4K. The 98 stands for size and 4K stands for awesome. You can already find this heavy weight on AV-iQ.

Here's the official write-up:

"Beautifully crisp and perfectly bright, Rio 98 4K is an LED backlit LCD offering an unmatched 3840 x 2160 resolution running at 120 hertz refresh rate. Rio 98 4K is ideal for use in high-tech conference rooms, control and broadcast rooms, hospitality, retail, healthcare, industrial workspaces, or anywhere else you might need a responsive touch screen that can handle up to 32 simultaneous touch points thanks to CyberTouch’s Advanced MultiTouch technology.

The wall-mount display with Vesa compatible mounting holes will stay strong and solid while your audience interacts with content. Enjoy the option of an onboard PC and powerful wireless communication so you are never limited by proximity, and Rio 98 4K is unaffected by ambient or hi-bright areas, which all comes together making the Rio 98 4K the perfect touch screen solution."



And there you have the basics about this 4K display multitouch touchscreen monitor on this #wiredwednesday.  Need more information about the specs on this customizable touchscreen?  You can always contact the sales department at CyberTouch directly:

CyberTouch:  1-805-499-5000.  Are you in the Ventura County area?  We're in Newbury Park and we'd love to meet you.


Just so the others don't feel left out here is a quick intro into the CyberTouch 4K monitor family: