Museums are not what you remember from 5th grade.  It's time to check out your local exhibits and here's why...


1. Stimulate Your Creative Mind

Check out your local art exhibits to dusts off those synapses and inspire your creative mind. When you feed your creativity you increase your problem solving abilities which makes you more productive and effective. Good news: with the advent of interactive technology most museums have completely changed the way you interface with each exhibit. A.k.a. they’re way more fun.



We’ve all read those studies about how the arts are incredibly beneficial to kids, right? Those benefits aren’t just for kids and they certainly don’t end with adolescence so feed your mind! Find out what’s happening in the museums near you. Which leads to the next reason…



2. Continued Learning

Learning is the most important thing we can do to stay sharp and stave off all kinds of terrible things happening to our brains. When you process new information your brain has to work harder and therefore stays in shape.

Whether a history, science, or art museum there are thousands of tidbits waiting for you to discover and keep your love of learning fresh and strong. It’s not all walking silently and reading plaques; many museums also offer speaker series and interactive experiences. (*cough* CyberTouch interactive technologies *cough*)





3. Remember for the Future .

We can all agree that the primary function of a museum is to preserve and keep record of the past. But why? By knowing where we’ve come from and we are better able to make choices for the future. There are in actuality THOUSANDS of museums commemorating and preserving all types of history. From dinosaurs to football there is something of interest for everyone!


Try searching fr museums about your topics of interest and you may be surprised by what you find. For example I found this gem at UCLA: Hammer Museum. Free Admission every day. Currently featuring a “Remembering Leonard Nemoy” experience.




4. Support Your City

Sheer lack of numbers spells doom for exhibits. Ask any curator or artist out there and they will tell you that every visitor matters. Museums rely on attendance for income and/or to keep their grants. Cities that have active cultural centers draw tourists, build community, and bring a sense of pride to the residents.

So when you visit your local museums not only are you doing all these great things for your mind but you’re also contributing to your city. It’s win-win.




5. Enjoy, Enrich, Refresh

Next time you’re looking for something to do whether it is date night, family day, or entertaining friends from out of town. Create memories and nurture relationship when you experience new things with people who are close to you. Plus, they’re an amazing place to host an event! You’re automatically super classy when partying in an art gallery.

And, no pressure, but the ladies love a little culture on date night.

Or maybe you just need time to yourself. Two hours alone wandering in an exhibit could be exactly the refreshing experience you need to have a great week.