Question: Do you remember the first time you used a touch screen? Very possibly you recall.

Better question: when was the LAST time you used a touch screen? 7 seconds ago? Right now? That's what I thought.

They are an integral and fundamental part of our lives now. There's no going back. What does this mean for all you owners out there? Yes, time to think about integrating touch screen technologies into your business. There are hundreds of ways that you can choose to implement a touch screen in your facility to upgrade the user experience. SO many in fact that it would be tedious to list them all so let me list just a few to get the ideas flowing - you can think about it more later.

1. Checking In.
The majority of offices, salons, studios, and shops ask customers to check in. Whether it's getting their place in line, checking in for at an appointment, keep track of attendance, or encouraging customers to tell their social network, "I'M AT THIS AWESOME PLACE" you can have a touch screen ready to serve your audience the moment they enter your doors. People are ready, able, and usually more willing to interact with a touch screen than an actual human so take advantage of it.  For example:  Orion 24.


2. Finding Their Way.
We've all been lost in the hallways (read, labyrinth) of a building.  Hospitals are an excellent example of this. There's always a map, but it's never clear, and where AM I exactly!? Provide touch screen maps with zoom features and location pin pointing?! Frustration levels abate. Basically any place that has more than 3 entrances and bathrooms can benefit from a CyberTouch kiosk like this one.  Think about it.


3. Collecting Customer Information and Feedback.
You already know all about the importance and how this can be used, and I have real faith in your ability to quickly break down how adding your own customized CyberTouch screen within easy access of clients will grant you access to their contact info and their thoughts literally at the touch of a button.  Real people in real time telling you about your business and asking for your services?  I mean capture that.  Seriously.


If you about implementing touch screen technologies into your day to day business practices just follow us on Twitter and Google+; or contact our sales department with any questions that you might have.  We really want to talk to you about how you can change your business.