Bill Batzkall may be a name you already know. He is a Representative for CyberTouch - bringing our touch technologies to all who may need them.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a man who has been an authority in the AV industry for 35 years. I got to interview him and record his answers. Sadly I did not get to meet him in person. But I still feel I got a good peek at who he is. Shall we proceed?


T: “What is it you do for CyberTouch?”

B: “I meet systems integrators and get them set up as a seller for the [CyberTouch] product line. I meet with the consultants, architects and engineers and explain the product line and what it can do. These are the main companies who put the product line into bid specs and what is needed for an installation plus all the support for sale, installation, and service of CyberTouch products. I’m the eyes, ears, and legs for CyberTouch in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.”


T: “How did you get into the AV industry?”

B: “In 1985 I got into AV when I was working at an independent chain of retail AV stores in the Chicago area, which led to systems integration position and then into the real world of AV. Throughout the Chicago area.”

Translation: he’s a recording engineer/jazz music producer who experienced the Chicago music scene through the 70's and 80's which led to the world of AV. He did not tell me this, but I found out because I’m very curious and Google is always there for me.


T: “Tell me about your journey in the AV industry.”

B: “For 35 years I’ve worked in field of Audio, Video and Network Control technologies either working for a manufacturer, systems integrator, end user, or as a manufacturer’s representative” Translation: he has worked in every corner of the industry and has expertise in control centers/rooms large and small.



T: “Are there specific CyberTouch product that you recommend most often?”

B: “The nice thing about CyberTouch is they can go into any type of installation in all markets capabilities. For example a museum can use any product in a big exhibit hall or using it for way finding in shopping malls. The CyberTouch imersive technology makes it very easy to work with across many different applications and I appreciate the broad spectrum of CyberTouch products to offer for all these diverse needs."


T: “What are your days like? Do you have a specific routine?”

B: “Every day is different. You never know what type of customer you’re going to work with that day. Education, medical, sports arena, music hall – it’s so diverse. That’s a great part of what I do.”


T: “Zero amounts of boring in your life! Do you have a favorite project that you’ve done?”

B: “Too many to call! Too tough to say! So many. But, the biggest project was for the largest, oldest hospital in state of Illinois. Took 6 months to complete this particular project working with the integrators for the video distribution and electrical requirements with everybody in the facility across the entire campus. That’s the thing about the projects that come to me. They can take anywhere from 6 months to 6 hours.”



T: “How do you find the projects that you recommend CyberTouch products for?”

B: “I’ve been in the field for so long I created my own data base of clients - of all the types of people I’ve worked with. I also receive leads from manufacturers and trade shows.”


T: “So you have repeat clients!”

B: “Oh yes. Repeat clients come back to me because I’ve worked with them since the early 90’s.”

NOTE: What I really experienced from Bill is that he’s loyal to his clients and only gives the best fit for their needs. Which means they trust him. I can sense that he’s fair and honest with these projects. Here’s how I know this…


T: “Do you ever recommend something other than what a client asks for?”

B: “Well they don’t really ask for any of it. I recommend based on what they need. I ask what they want to accomplish, which is what determines what I should offer them. Make sure that I give them what is going to be the best fit for what they need while working with their budget.”


T: “You’ve experience the most eventful 35 years in the AV industry. How have people’s expectations changed?"

B: “People’s expectations changed quite a bit over time. They want the moon over Wi-Fi. They want everything Wi-Fi but there are too many security problems! Especially large corporations. Ever since 9/11 security has been important to everyone.”


T: “What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years?”

B: “Miniaturization of technology. In 1989 a data projector that used to weigh 150 pounds and require two adults to move, set up and operate, now we can be set up in 5 minutes and the projector fits in your hand. Everyone wants everything as small and light as possible. But also most cost effective as possible. The day of bulky purchases is over.”


T: “What are some of the perks of being a CyberTouch rep?”

B: “Travel experiences: Yes, meeting all the different people. Trade shows you get to talk to all the people at the booths. A great way to get to meet and know people who are part of the world of technology. ”

Note: He really does like trade shows. Which I think means he’s a genuinely friendly man. Have you met him at a trade show?!


T: “If there was one thing you could have people keep in mind…”

B: “Our tech is going to just keep growing and growing and growing. Some ways we’re still in infancy. In the next 10 years there will be more and more….with the 3D printing and what that’s going to do for the world of technology. The 3D and touch technology will become more and more sophisticated and useful for people. You’ll see both move more and more into the home environment.”



We started to wrap up and I expressed my appreciation for sharing his thoughts with me. I have great respect for him, and for a little perspective on his years of experience in the industry: he’s been working in AV longer than I’ve been alive. Before we ended the call I asked one more question…

T: “Tell me what you do when you’re not being a CyberTouch rep. What are things you enjoy?”

B: “Fishing. Freshwater fishing. In all the lakes and rivers.”