For the past two decades, LCD and plasma manufacturers worldwide have been competing to be the first to market the largest and the highest resolution flat-panel display. While few a years back a 55" HD display was a novelty, today with a few mouse clicks you will have a 100" plus display at your doorstep. As the displays keep getting larger, the side effects of watching large-diagonal-size displays are increasing as well - the most prominent side-effect being eyestrain. When directly in front of a, say 55” diagonal LCD with recommended distance of 1.5 x diagonal of about 7 feet, the eye distance to the center of the display is less than the outer sides causing the eyes to constantly refocus as the image moves across the display. At first, not noticeable, but soon after, the eye muscles experience strain due to excessive and rapid contract and release. LG engineers have solved this problem by introducing the first 55" curved LCD display - the LG 55EA9 800. When in front of this display, at say 5 feet, the eyes are equidistant from all segments of the display - therefore the eyes do not have to re-focus as the image moves around the display. CyberTouch has designed a curved touch screen specifically for this display – Touch Screen 55800C is an 8-wire, resistive touch screen which has the same radius of curvature as the display. When placed in front of the display and connected to a PC it allows the user to interact with the content displayed by touch of a finger. Connection to the PC is via USB or Serial. Touch Screen 55800C is very light and made of abrasion and chemical resistant surface; it responds to gloved hands, nails or any dielectric styli. Touch screen 55800C is compatible with Win, Mac and Linux OS. For more information about curved touch screen P/N 55800C, please contact CyberTouch at 805-499-5000 or visit us on the web