Museums are like the libraries of history preserving what humanity has learned through our most brilliant creations and our more terrible mistakes. As we approach the American Alliance of Museums Expo next week we want to draw focus to all these amazing institutions offering knowledge and feeding creativity.

AAM is self defined as: 

The American Alliance of Museums (formerly the American Association of Museums) is the one organization that supports all museums. Through advocacy and excellence, the Alliance strengthens the museum community. We support 21,000 museums, individuals and companies by:

Developing standards and best practices
Providing resources and career development
Advocating for museums to thrive


Annually there is an expo to gather all those who support museums in their practical functions. Basically, any industry involved in creating something of use for a museum, which means permanent installations, options for exhibits, and practical museum organization.

This year’s expo is April 26th – 29th in Atlanta, GA. CyberTouch is excited to be part of this expo. We’re heading down south with our friends from Unified Field to bring you a gorgeous display featuring real life applications. These guys make incredible content that truly engages users in an immersive and authentic way. Find us a booth 930 and tweet us at @cybertouchav to stay in touch during the event.  You can also get the app to keep your experience organized and productive.


How are we involved? We provide touch technologies for experiential solutions. But when you really get down to it we don’t *just* make touch screens. We make portals for the passing of knowledge, the sharing of ideas, and the inspiring of imagination. Where knowledge and wonderment combine there is space for advancement, compassion, and equality.

If we can play a part in igniting even a single spark that becomes revolution we have succeeded in our mission. At CyberTouch we support museums as integral parts of this sphere. It is in these incredible places they strive to facilitate learning, inspire ideas, and enable development one person at a time. So stay tuned, stay in touch, and enjoy the amazing things that will come out of this expo!

If you’re going to be there give us a shout and we’ll get you on our AAM list of awesome tweeters! See you there!




PS: While you’re there do yourself a solid and check out the super fun College Football Hall of Fame where you can see your favorite players, run drills of your own, and even experience some CyberTouch screens in real life. (See how I snuck that in there?)