Las Vegas. What’s your gut reaction to hearing the name of that city? Excitement? Exhaustion? Dread? Whatever your associate might be with Las Vegas it is impossible to deny that the city of sin is always on the cutting edge of technology.

What you DON’T know is that CyberTouch was part of Las Vegas’ journey in becoming what we know and love (or hate) today. I invite you to get in my Delorean and head back to 1983.

A casino approached the then fledgling CyberTouch with a very serious problem. They needed touch screen keno, AND they needed to make sure it could handle the static electricity created by all that carpet and dry air. Our bodies, as you know, conduct considerable amounts of electricity which was potentially lethal to early touch screen technology. Enter CyberTouch: where the founder/mastermind had developed a system in which the electricity was essentially wicked away before contact with the screen.

Now all those risk takers shuffling around on Las Vegas carpeting could bet on touch screen keno to their hearts content. Thus began the evolution of touch screen betting. I present to you the earliest touch screen keno machine know to man:



Basically Las Vegas wouldn’t be the same without this event in time. Image if the static electricity wicking technology had not been invented! We would still be pulling slot handles. All that is to say we are very proud to be part of the history of Las Vegas.



PS: You’re welcome keno addicts. You’re welcome.