CyberTouch would like to highlight another of our employees, because we are pretty sure we have the best employees in the world. Everyone, meet Nick. Nick, meet everyone.


Nick has been with CyberTouch for 21 years and he’s our go-to man whenever there’s a question. He works in shipping, but in his words, “I help anywhere they need me. I just ask what I can do. I’m kind of a Jack of all trades.” Which is completely true.


We’re grateful for his knowledge, helpful hands, and cheerful presence. Nick grew up in Ojai with his family and said he’s grateful they picked Ojai because he doesn’t love the snow. Don’t be fooled by his sweet and unassuming demeanor because inside that soft spoken man is a treasure of interesting experiences. He has traveled Canada and Europe, but when I said, “Wow, you’re really well traveled,” he replied, “Oh no, just Europe. I’ve never been to Asia.”


He shared a story about making stew over an open fire with a family on the banks of the Danube, and another story about how he had been in England just a week before Princess Diana was killed. When reminiscing about Canada he said he thought it was funny that in all the provinces everything is in English and French, but then in Quebec everything is in French only. “But what’s funny is that people from France think their french is terrible.”


Everything he says is carefully articulated and he never says, “um.” Nick might greet you in French one day, and then the next day tell you that it’s Sofia Loren’s birthday. He is undyingly dedicated to the classic ladies of film. I found out that Bridget Bardot and Sofia Loren’s birthdays are only a few days apart. I also learned about the UK equivalent of Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors. I looked her up: she’s stunning. But his favorite thing about Sofia Loren? Her intelligence and her work. He told me she was in a short film by her son most recently, all in Italian, about a widow talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I will be looking it up.


He loves Imvar Bergman movies. He brought it up because he was laughing at himself for confusing Imvar Bergman with Ingrid Bergman when he was a child. He laughs at himself easily, but quietly. You can feel his sweet and generous spirit permeate all that he shares with me.


He still lives in Ojai, and has two dogs, Pepper and Graham. Pepper is a poodle mix and Graham is an Italian Greyhound. Of course Pepper cannot catch Graham, but Pepper implements strategies to get Graham any way which makes Nick think he’s probably very smart. Clearly we’re a team of dog-lovers here at CyberTouch.


Nick came to CyberTouch through a temp agency and everyone loved him so much that they decided he had to be a permanant part of the CyberTouch team. He’s a huge part of daily operations and told me that, “everyone is so nice I really love being here. I really like it. ”