VideoSonic, a New York based systems integration company, contacted CyberTouch with a request for open-frame and customizable 32” 1080p HD touch screen monitors for its latest project for the New York City Visitor’s Center. CyberTouch provided VideoSonic with Sola 32” touch screen monitors with USB connections (CyberTouch S3288U). The “Official New York City Visitors Information Center” is located on 7th avenue at 53rd street, across from the Sheraton. It is open to visitors and locals seeking the most current and up to date information about events and destination in NYC. The visitor experience focuses on “self navigation”; through the use of interactive elements, the visitor can build an itinerary of sights, entertainment, shopping and other cultural activities and events and then be given the opportunity to print out the directions, email or SMS to a cell phone, or given directions on how to walk to the destination from the VIC by following a “fly-through” using a 3D Google Earth Map. The CyberTouch touch screen monitors are being used in portrait configuration, driven off a PC running web content, events and destinations around NYC with content that was created by Local Projects based in New York City. The Touch-Screen Wall features FAQ screens with helpful resources and advice, like how to get around and how to tip for different services, in 10 languages. Visitors can also pick up a MetroCard at the vending machine. By offering a range of compelling, user-friendly interactive tools for locating information, the center eases the process for creating itineraries and navigating through the City. VideoSonic chose CyberTouch products because according to Glenn Polly, VideoSonic President and CEO, “We need to have touch screen monitors integrated that could display 1920 x 1080 resolution, and CyberTouch|AV was able to integrate them and deliver within our time frame.”