An extremely brief history of Earth Day: in 1970 after a particularly horrendous oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin said, “Things are getting out of control.” He channeled all the anti-war protesting energy that was in the air and rallied 20 MILLION Americans across the country to take to the streets to say, “WE GOTTA CLEAN UP THE EARTH.” Americans of all parties, ages, color, and interests raised their voices for the planet.

Fast forward 45 years: Wednesday April 22nd, Earth Day 2015!

Take a moment to enjoy this world and then take another moment to think about how you’re taking care of it. We believe that businesses have responsibility all year, not just on Earth Day, to keep it green and clean. Which is why 3 years ago we decided to start making changes one step at a time…



CyberTouch, based in Southern California, is making sure our part is done for the planet. As you may have heard we are experiencing a water crisis, and are continually trying to make choices that conserve the water available to us. In 2012 all the CyberTouch employees pitched in to create a water-wise landscape around our offices. The result is beautiful.



 The grounds have attracted attention from the city, partners coming to our building for the first time, and pedestrians. 

I cannot tell you how many times we’ve had some one poke their head in the door to ask, “Who did your landscaping? It’s awesome.”

Succulents, grassless features, and other drought resistant plants fill the beds around our offices. The reddish-orange blooms are eye-catching and cheerful.


We’re also VERY proud to be part of the Global Green Holy Cross Project in New Orleans. The project, sparked by the tragedy of Katrina, began by creating an ecosystem of single-family homes dedicated to sustainable living. One of those homes is used as a visitor center educating visitors about the functions of these sustainable homes.


We were happy to have our touch technology applied in the visitor center to facilitate educating about the project and the importance of sustainable living.





And if you’re ever walking around the campus of the University of California at Northridge and have some time check out this real-life rain forest! Orion 42" ADA compliant desply that expains the fuel cell also acts as a directory


We were honored to have our teaching technologies applied to help people understand the energy process through and interactive experience.



Pretty cool! That’s all for now; Happy Earth Day to all of us!