Evo isn't exactly shy.  If you met her at Infocomm you already know that.


She was more than happy to attract attention with her long legs and Little Black Dress...not to mention her stunning 4K, 32 touch point interactive surface. Did you get to see her in person this week?

Evo with Josh Srago of AV Nation TV

Infocomm15 wraps up today! What a week, right?! Did you do the Tech Trek?! Did you get ANY sleep?? No matter what I trust you had a great time, and hopefully you did get to see Evo at booth 2066 with Primeview.

A few things you may not have known:

All the cables are hidden in her runway model leg.
You can decide on your touch surface specs.
Easy installation, quick integration.
Color options. She wore black this week, but you can also see her in brushed aluminum.


Need more? Right this way.


In the mean time, take some vitamin C and go to sleep. See you soon!