Just for fun, go into an AV room and just say, "Infocomm" and see what happens. It's basically the equivalent of Comicon but for all those brilliantly quirky AV folks.

And Infocomm2015 starts THIS WEEKEND partying on through Friday the 19th wrapping up with the Tech Trek grand prize drawing.

Everyone who is anyone in the AV tech world is there to show and see. It's an incredible place to meet companies and individuals who are changing the world and inventing tomorrow.

Alas. We can't be there in person. We haven't been this bummed out since...maybe ever. The CyberTouch travel schedule is crazy and we're creating some dazzling new products, which is excellent, but means our time is so limited.

HOW IN THE WORLD WILL YOU GET TO SEE OUR PRODUCT THEN?! Never fear! Starting on Wednesday of this week you can see our girl, Evo (in her little black paint job) at booth 2066! She's the first piece of touch technology to be designed by an artist, taking aesthetic into consideration just as much as the specs. She's a beauty. You'll love her.


Here's where you can find us:


Here's a peek at what you'll find: 


And here's where you can get more information about it right now: CyberTouch