Let’s pretend for just a moment that we are not the experts in our various fields of technology, but rather that you are a 14 year old girl named Maddie with an iPhone.

Maddie is in her freshman year of high school, is planning her 15th birthday, and has had various touch screens in her life since preschool. She does not know why screens responds to her touch, nor does she really care, and if the cute boy isn’t replying to her texts she, like, REALLY doesn’t care.

She just wants her phone to work all the time without any difficulty. And she probably won’t think twice about the incredible programming feat that is the latest app she and her friends are totally obsessed with. OMG.

Little Maddie also does not ask “why” regarding the touch screens she relies on. Touch technology is just part of her life in the same way a telephone is a part of our lives - we don’t think about why we need it, but you bet your next paycheck we know we can’t live without it.


When Maddie goes to college in a few years she won’t bat an eye using her thumb print on a screen to gain entry to the cafeteria. Actually, Maddie will be shocked if she can’t interact with a screen through touch. A mouse will be a foreign object to her. (Think about all the time we’re going to spend cleaning non-touch screens of confused smudges.)

Her brain is already trained to interact with her world in a way that our brains are not. Maddie and her peers might not be your demographic now, but they will be in 10 years. In one short decade you will be marketing to this touch screen savvy generation. Are you getting ready for all the Maddies?

CyberTouch is working tirelessly to anticipate changes in the touch screen market. Every day, every month, every year, we are projecting our minds into the future asking, “What could we do next?”, and creating technology that will enhance your end users’ experience. The products CyberTouch creates are carefully crafted to anticipate the expectations of each new generation. We’re always here to answer questions you might have and to give suggestions about your next interactive display.

Call our sales department any time with any comments or inquiries. Now is the time to start plans to implement intelligent and intuitive displays in your business. Don’t be that business where you hear a small voice say from the lobby, “This screen doesn’t work, mommy.”