We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again:

Touch is the standard expected by, well, everyone. Are you meeting (exceeding?!) expectations?

We had an experience at a restaurant that used touch screen menus to order and it was AWESOME. I customized my burger, uh, I mean salad using the tablet and then split the bill when it was time to go. Because I don’t like too many onions, but I did want extra garlic aioli.

I took a peek around at everyone there: nose to phone, fingers flying across screens.

And I realized once again how we are part of an INCREDIBLE time in technological history! First off, these technologies are available. Second, we as a society don’t even think twice about the miracle and our expectation of it. People just assume that a screen will respond to touch. Because experience says they always do.

Which leads all of us at CyberTouch to the next thought process: Are businesses, corporations, places of service, and shopping centers staying abreast of this incredibly fast change in expectations?

Eh. Kinda.

Gold Star to the restaurant we enjoyed for embracing the technology that people already love to use. However, in the very same center with this restaurant was an old paper “you-are-here” map with just a list of the businesses. We couldn’t help but think, “Wouldn’t the retailers be even happier to be part of this center if potential shoppers could touch on each business for a description of products, sales, and features?!” How much more revenue could be generated?

It would be SO EASY for the owners/managers to get that technology installed like, tomorrow. Just check out these way finding examples:

Union Depot


On a Carnival Cruise ship...

At Penn Medicine




And then this example of outdoor screens (made to with stand a New York winter) designed for promotion: 

Signature Theater outside...



We’re here to get digital signage and way-finding up to society’s expectations with you. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. You can contact us directly for information about customization of these technologies, or check out these examples of way-finding and digital signage that are available and ready to be installed.