Who isn’t talking about wearables right now? Even your mom it noticing them. So what’s the deal? Are they really going to make our lives better? I set out to research some of these wearables to see if there were any that really stood out.  My search quickly landed this baby in my lap.

Nixie: the first wearale drone camera. It’s a wristband, that helps you take the perfect selfie. At first I was full of condemnation of such a seemingly ridiculous product. But then I saw this video:

Undeniably cool. Especially when you see the rock climber send it off and capture her ascent.

Nixie’s tag line is “Set Your Camera Free”. I didn’t realize that my camera was being held captive. Clearly the ultimate benefit is that you no longer need a camera crew and helicopter to get professional video of your adventures. Still just a prototype, you can’t get this little buzz-by-night yet.



Then I found this touch responsive smart (for-lack-of-a-better-word) bracelet: Elemoon.


Fully funded through Kickstarter in September of this year the Elemoon is now at the factory being perfected. It could seem like a frivolous piece that doesn’t mean much compared to some of the wearables, but I would caution all of us not to forget the force that is the ashion industry.

This specific wearable incorporates touch in an unusual way that I was not expected – just a quick brush and you get results. No screens as we know them; an interesting concept at least.


So what about the touch screen wearables? Like the ileak on this slap bracelet design from Apple that PC Mag wrote about. No joke guys.



Teeny little touch screens. We have come full circle. Now we’re all comparing the dimensions of our favorite devices and making comments like, “How do you function with that tiny thing?” (Ahem.) Those screens look like toddlers next the 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4.

Would you consider a smart watch as a sidekick to your phone? There is a real element of cool that is hard to argue with. I feel like James Bond speaking into my wrist communicator. No matter how this evolution of technology continues we’re excited to see it and be part of it. So here is to wearable touch technology.