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Designing a Custom Touch Screen

In order for us to meet your custom touch screen requirements, please use the following chart to define your specific needs. After you have defined your needs send an email at or call us at 805-499-5000 ext. 4140 for design and engineering of new products meeting your exact specifications.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Active Area size
  • Size of bezel opening
  • Size of transparent Area
  • Overall size
  • Switch size
  • Switch separation
  • Total thickness
  • Location and length of flex tail
  • Location of mounting holes (if any)

Electrical Specifications

  • Analog or Digital, if Analog 4 or 8-wire
  • Number of rows and columns
  • Maximum contact resistance
  • ESD/EMI/RFI shield

Optical Specifications

  • Antiglare or water clear surface
  • Antiglare level

Environmental Specifications

  • Abrasion and chemical resistant?
  • Max. And Min. Storage Temps.?
  • Max. And Min. Operation Temps.?
  • Shock and vibration specs.?
  • Implosion - resistant layer?
  • Flammable materials?
  • Non-flammable materials?
  • Ratings: UL, VDE, CSA?

Ergonomic Specifications

  • Actuation Force
  • Actuation travel
  • Surface texture