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Touch Screen Technology

Our Technology

CyberTouch specializes in the design and fabrication of indoor and outdoor single-touch and multitouch interactive display products.

Our single-touch products incorporate reliable and durable resistive technology offered both in 4 and 8 wire analog as well as digital (matrix) formats. Offered in variety of shapes and forms, our standard singl-touch products range in sizes from 6.4" to 46" diagonal. All single-touch products are available in USB and Serial communications formats and are compatible with Mac, Win and Linux OS.

Added-value electrical features such as EMI/RFI/ESD shielding as well as optical enhancements such as anti-glare, secure-viewing, and implosion shielding are also available.

Our multitouch interactive display products incorporate reliable and proven multiplexed Infrared technology offered in 2,6 and 32 simultaneous touches. Compared to other optical technologies, our products do not have any dead spots nor exhibit any shadowing. They are truly multitouch and multi-user.

When incorporating single monitors our Standard products range in sizes from 22" to 103" diagonal and up to 24 feet using multiple monitors. All multitouch products are Mac, Win and Linux compatible and communicate via USB.

Touch Screen TechnologyConstruction

Resistive touch screen construction consists of top and bottom layers. The top layer (user side) is made of 0.007" thick, optical-grade polyester film coated on the outside with abrasion and chemical resistant coating, the inside is coated with transparent electrically conductive ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide).

The bottom layer is made of either glass or polyester and is coated with ITO on the inside. The touch screens are laminated to glass or acrylic substrates for rigidity.